How often can one plan things, without having to spend time on follow-ups using various platforms?

If you are dreaming to plan your Vacation or a Party Plan, then Go-ahead and plan with your friends, family & colleagues on the PenMyPlan App. A single platform on the mobile that will allow you to plan and socially connect with your group for a perfect holiday, occasion , movie or party plan. Absolutely no calls, emails, messaging will be required, which will thereby reduce the time for planning.

Instant notifications on plan changes and updates to keep the invitees engaged/informed.

To-do List

Create a To-do list for the members for any of the plans.


Messaging within a plan; users within the plan can interact with the other invitees of that particular plan.


Create Travel, Movie, Event and Party plans within 90 secs.


Invite friends, family and co-workers instantaneously.


Keep track of the participation/

Voting options for Travel

We provide options for the users to VOTE on a destination of choice. Once voted, the host can finalize
the destination.

Hassle-free drive for your Event/Party/Movie

A single click on the map will give directions from your location to the Venue, so you can start driving to the destination
without any hassle.

Members can be invited individually or as part of a group(only PenMyPlan Users) from the Invite Member page.

Once the Users have downloaded the app, they will be moved from the Contacts tab to the PenMyPlan tab of the Invite Member page and Contacts page.

You can create a group by going to the Groups tab of Contacts page from Menu. Later, you can invite the group while creating a plan.

A Member can be removed from a plan only if he/she has downloaded the PenMyPlan app, has not been invited as part of a group and also has not replied yet.

A member can view the driving directions by clicking on the map icon.

Voting options will be enabled when the User adds more than one location, upto a maxium of three locations.

For an expired plan, the invitees can view the Members page and carry on with the messaging. The expired plan will be removed from the Home page 3 days after the expiry. Host has the option to extend a Travel or Event plan within 24 hrs from the plan End Date.

By associating Facebook with my account, I will be able to see my Facebook friends who have downloaded the PenMyPlan app, under the PenMyPlan tab of Contacts and Invite Members page. Facebook association can be done either during the sign up process or on the Settings page.

All the New plans will be listed on the top, by the earliest Start Date, followed by the remaining plans.

Only members of the plan can participate in the messaging. You can’t do a one on one messaging.

Yes, the plan will still be available as the member has already received the plan before leaving the group.

No, you cannot change the location once it's been finalized.

Yes, Host can cancel the Party/Movie plan, before it just begins.

Yes, Host can still cancel the plan while it is going on. It cannot be cancelled after 24hrs from the date of expiry.

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